Reverse Logistics

An integral part of supply chain management is the handling of returns. This process is called reverse logistics. Your supply chain manager’s job does not end when your product gets delivered. Products or parts being returned must also be handled for shipment which can involve as many steps as the original product shipment. Unsold goods being returned to the manufacturer is another important factor affecting a seller’s bottom line. Many types of products are supplied to dealers and distributors on a consignment basis. Whatever portion remains unsold must be returned to origin safely and cost effectively.

Return costs must be contained to maintain your bottom line. That means that a return program must be designed to maximize efficiency and minimize return costs. Our reverse logistics specialists will work with you to customize and implement a return program.

Warranty services often entail returning the exchanged part or complete product. In many cases the returned item can be repaired or modified for reuse. That means that returns must be properly packed and routed for safe arrival. Our global network of logistics agents are available to provide the local infrastructure to deliver replacement parts or products, retrieve returned or defective items, repack and transport the returned goods or dispose of them in accordance with local regulations.

Some products such as high value medical equipment and industrial machinery are often shipped back from the original buyer to remanufacturing centers or refurbishing facilities to recapture their inherent value and upgrade the equipment to current standards. In some cases equipment that has been under OEM service contract and requires no refurbishing, gets sold to secondary buyers. This process requires specialized logistics for de-installation, packing and safe shipment. In the case of products being returned to the country of manufacture, special arrangements can be made for duty free return.

Product being resold in the secondary market must be cleaned, repainted, recalibrated, tested and repacked to manufacturer specifications. Our reverse logistics program addresses all of these needs.