Media & Advertising Shipping

Global freight and logistics for media and advertising photo shoots and events

International transport of production equipment, props, event equipment, video and audio equipment, lighting, cameras, and products for photo shoots requires expertise in time-sensitive freight forwarding, temporary import procedures and ATA Carnets.

Overseas Brokers has extensive experience managing the logistics of international transport for the media and advertising industries. From commercial photo shoots for the auto manufacturers, through promotional media events and full production set mobilization, Overseas Brokers offers one stop shopping for advertising agencies and TV/film production professionals who require global transportation of equipment for their photo shoots or events.

We are experts in time-sensitive cargo management. Our services include global freight forwarding and logistics services including packing and crating, load-in/load-out labor and equipment, expedited air freight, aircraft charter services, ocean freight, trucking, customs clearance, ATA Carnets for temporary duty-free import, insurance and logistical support for media and advertising projects and events worldwide.

Through our global network of reliable logistical agents, we offer professional teams to manage every aspect of transporting the products being filmed,  stage equipment, lighting/audio/video equipment, road cases, cameras, wardrobes, print materials and other essentials to worldwide sites safely and on schedule.

Following is a list of services we offer:


  • Packing
  • Warehousing
  • Inland truckingAir freight
  • Charter aircraft
  • Ocean freight
  • Containerization
  • ATA carnets
  • Customs brokerage
  • Insurance
  • Courier services
  • Load-in/load-out labor and equipment

We work closely with production companies, advertising agency executives, event organizers, film crews, promoters, broadcasters, equipment suppliers, event organizers, customs brokers, truckers, packers, loading/delivery crews, air and ocean carriers to manage the entire logistical process.

Case study:

When General Motors needed to produce commercials for the roll out of the Hummer through successive generations, they hired an ad agency to produce the commercials in various exotic locations around the world. Overseas Brokers was hired by the ad agency to transport all 3 generations of the Hummer vehicles and production equipment from the US to the deserts of Chile, the Arctic tundras of Iceland, and the lush jungle vistas of the south island of New Zealand where the Lord of the Rings was filmed. We transported the vehicles and equipment by air, ocean and surface back and forth between the US and these sites supported by logistical agents in each country, processed ATA carnets for temporary import, air freighted spare parts to support the vehicles being shot at extreme performance levels through water, mud, vegetation and ice. Each shipment had to be scheduled in accordance with photo shoot schedules, production deadlines and airline and ocean liner transit times. These photos show the Hummers on location in Chile.

MEDIA AND ADVERTISING bottom near casy study2 credit Stuart HamiltonMEDIA AND ADVERTISING bottom near case study1 credit Stuart HamiltonPhotos: Stuart Hamilton