Agricultural Farming Equipment Shipping

Shipping new and used agricultural and farming equipment overseas requires expertise in handling oversize equipment by land, sea and air as well as an understanding of the particular needs of the industry. We offer intermodal service for transporting oversize and heavy equipment by drop deck trailers, roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) vessels, containers, flat racks, break bulk vessels, air freight and charter services both by sea and air.

AGRICULTURE body of page 1Equipment with wheels or tracks can be shipped fully assembled by sea on board RO/RO vessels to certain destinations. RO/RO vessels accept both self propelled and towable equipment as long the equipment is clean and operational. We offer port to port service or any combination of door-port, port-door or door-door service including customs clearance.

Equipment can also be shipped disassembled in containers in order to save on freight costs and to access destinations where RO/RO service is not available. For container shipments we offer fully intermodal service for the equipment to be transported in the same container from door to door by truck, rail, and ship, eliminating the cost and exposure of additional handling.

For certain destinations, flat rack service is available for equipment that is too wide or too high to fit in a standard container. The equipment may be delivered by the seller to the port of loading, or we can offer inland transport from the point of sale, whether it’s an auction site, dealer facility or farm site. We then provide loading and lashing on flat racks at facilities near the major ports, delivery to port, and ocean freight services to most overseas ports. At destination, we can unload the equipment from the flat rack, clear customs, and deliver to inland destinations.

AGRICULTURE body of page 2For very large equipment that will not fit in containers, on flat racks or through RO/RO vessel access doors, we offer lift-on/lift-off (LO/LO) shipment on break bulk vessels. Equipment is lifted on and off by cranes.

We also offer shipment by air for urgent parts and even fully assembled equipment to inland points that are not easily accessible by ship and by trailer.

Dealers, equipment manufacturers, farmers, distributors and buyers at auctions rely on us to transport their equipment around the world.

We ship tractors, backhoes, seeders, sprayers, planters, harvesters, combines, planters, tillers, cultivators, harrows, headers, loaders, corn headers, snappers, flex headers, mowers, plows, balers, splitters, irrigation and fertilizing equipment, and other tools and equipment as needed.