Packing & Crating

The safe arrival of delicate cargo is directly related to how well it is packed and secured. We offer the following specialized packing and crating services:

  • Custom crating on site and at crating facilities worldwide
  • Fine arts crating and museum cases
  • Industrial crating
  • Internal protective packaging with corrugated, cardboard boxes, kraft paper, bubble wrap, soft pads, foam, waterproofing, air pillows, Instapak, poly wrap, VCI, vapor barriers, strapping and other bracing materials
  • Palletizing and shrink wrapping
  • Barrier bagging container loads
  • Loading and lashing oversize equipment on flat racks
  • Heat treated wood meeting ISPM-15 standards for international shipping
  • Art packing materials including Ethafoam, EPS (expanded polystyrene), Tyvek, Nomex, Marvelseal lining
  • Slat crates
  • Floating base cushion crates with polyethylene or polyurethane foam beds
  • Cavity mounts, webbing and strapping as well as bolted lids for reusable crates
  • Anti-vibration skids, shock absorption mechanisms, tilt indicators, impact indicators and temperature monitoring devices
  • Humidity control materials including desiccants, polyethylene wrap and VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor), thermal insulation

The type of packaging required is based on several parameters including the characteristics of the article, delicate components, weight, replacement value and the method of shipment.

High value and fragile articles are typically crated. The type of crate, internal padding and type of moisture or shock protection is determined in accordance with the unique characteristics of the articles.

Air shipments and LCL ocean shipments tend to be more exposed to damages due to the extra handling via terminals. Therefore we recommend either crating or palletizing and shrink wrapping for LCL or air freight. The specific recommendation will be based on the particular parameters of each shipment.

FCL ocean shipments that are loaded at a factory or vendor facility are usually conducive to product loaded on pallets that are structured to maximize the use of the space in the container. For FCL shipments of bulky products, cargo can be wrapped or boxed and “loose loaded” with barrier bags to secure the load from shifting. In cases where heavy industrial equipment is loaded and braced in a container, we offer custom built heavy duty skids, bolting of equipment to the skid or platform, wood bracing, strapping, webbing, chalking, blocking and bracing. Most containers offer wood floors, steel ribs, and rings inside the container which are used to secure the load from shifting. Various types of tensioned strapping are available to address elasticity, weight bearing requirements, environmental durability, etc.

Specialized Packing and Crating Solutions:

  • Electronics crates
  • Aerospace component crates and cradles
  • Industrial machinery crates
  • Medical equipment, MRI magnet and CT gantry crates
  • Museum crates
  • Fine arts crating
  • Antiques crating
  • Furniture crates
  • Marble crates
  • Glass crates
  • Trade show crates
  • Display cases
  • Architectural model crates
  • Boat and yacht cradles
  • Motorcycle crates
  • Reusable crates
  • Skeleton crates