Consumer Goods Shipping

The consumer and retail industry are becoming more global in their sourcing and supply patterns. In the age of online fulfillment, borders are disappearing, while manufacturers and retailers are becoming increasingly global in their operations. In order to support globalization of their operations, manufacturers and retailers must partner with competent global logistics providers. Overseas Brokers provides global logistical solutions for both inbound and outbound shipments of raw materials and product components for manufacturing, as well as supply chain management for distribution of finished consumer products to wholesalers, retailers and consumers.

Overseas Brokers facilitates global commerce by providing the following logistical solutions and supply chain management:

  • Global freight forwarding by air freight, ocean freight, inland trucking and rail freight
  • Intermodal freight management
  • Packing, shrink wrapping, palletizing, crating and labeling
  • Warehousing
  • Cost optimization through LCL consolidations, regional consolidation from multiple countries, cross docking and distribution centers
  • Customs brokerage
  • Consulting for international trade compliance
  • Duty and tax optimization through proper commodity classification
  • Direct delivery to retail outlets
  • Last mile delivery to corporate and residential consumers
  • Installation of office and household furniture products
  • Supply chain consulting geared towards optimization of transport cost relative to speed-to-market considerations
  • Inventory management
  • Dynamic freight management with adaptive adjustments for seasonal supply cycles

Delivering product to your markets safely and on time, within a fixed budget is our highest priority. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the highest standards of service, communication, and adherence to schedules.

Overseas Brokers specializes in the following consumer industry sectors:

  • Supply of raw materials and sub assemblies to manufacturers of consumer goods
  • Global distribution of consumer products to wholesalers, retailers and consumers
  • Global supply chain management and installation of office furniture
  • Household furniture shipping and installation
  • Fashion industry shipping including GOH (garment on hanger) consolidation and distribution
  • Sporting goods shipping
  • Department store fixtures shipping and installation
  • Apparel shipping and distribution
  • Appliance shipping and distribution
  • Automotive parts and truck and auto transport
  • Boat & yacht transport
  • Medical device packing, shipping and installation
  • Bulk shipping and containerization of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods)