Inland Freight

Overseas Brokers offers door-door service for all types of international freight by providing trucking services at origin/destination for overseas shipments in addition to ocean freight, rail services or air freight. All motor as well as motor/rail services are provided for cross-border surface shipments between the US-Canada-Mexico and between countries in Europe and Asia.

FCL (Full Container Load)

Full containers are moved seamlessly between origin and destination loading docks without handling the cargo en-route. Containers are typically moved by truck through integrated intermodal systems from the factory or origin point to the nearest rail terminal, by rail to port of loading when applicable, by sea to port of discharge, and finally by truck or rail/truck from port to destination. All our truckers maintain interchange agreements with all major steamship lines as well as access to containers at all inland container depots.

LCL (Less than Container Load)

Smaller shipments that do not justify the expense of an entire container are transported by LTL truckers between inland points and ocean consolidation/deconsolidation points in major cities where they get loaded/unloaded along with other freight in consolidated containers. We offer a variety of service levels with standard and expedited transit times at different price points. Inland rates are kept at the most competitive levels through volume service contracts which provide increased purchasing power and the deepest available tariff discounts with all major carriers.

FTL (Full Trailer Load)

Full trailer or truck loads provide the shortest transit time for goods that are not shipped door to door as FCL in containers. Trailers are typically either 53’ or 48’ in length and have a larger capacity than containers.  Trailers are used for cross-border shipments between the US and Canada or Mexico as well as inter-European and inter-Asian traffic. Trailers are also used for touring entertainment groups, media projects and the inland portions of large air freight shipments. Specialized trailers are offered for special freight such as single and double drop deck trailers, flatbeds, low boys, electronics trailers, timber trailers, open and enclosed auto trailers, agricultural trailers, tilt-bed trailers, furniture trailers, etc.

LTL (Less than Truck Load)

LTL trucking is used in the context of international freight in conjunction with LCL ocean shipments, consolidating product for FCL ocean shipments and for air freight. LTL carriers provide cost-effective solutions for inland transport of smaller shipments through a network of transportation hubs. Scheduled service is provided with high frequency at competitive rates. LTL shipments must be packed on skids or in crates to protect the cargo from additional handling through transportation hubs.