Outsourced Global Distribution

Overseas Brokers is a third party logistics provider, specialized in managing global supply chains for manufacturers from various industries. Many manufacturers are in the process of expanding their fulfillment systems to address the need for a global distribution network. With regional markets shrinking and international trade growing, manufacturers are faced with the challenge of creating a global network of dealers or joining existing distribution channels.  The outsourcing of the global distribution function allows manufacturers and their existing dealers to focus on their core business of producing and marketing their products, while outsourcing the function of global fulfillment to a third party logistics provider with proven expertise in their field and an existing global network of logistics partners. This saves the manufacturer significant time and investment required to build an in-house global distribution network.

By outsourcing international supply chain logistics to Overseas Brokers, manufacturers gain access to a vast global transportation network and the expertise needed to utilize that network in the most cost-effective manner in order to deliver their products to market. We arrange for global transportation for a wide variety of products and serve as strategic partners for manufacturers by designing and implementing global distribution systems through our global freight services and worldwide network of logistics partners.