Consolidation & Warehousing


consolidation2International shipments often contain products from multiple sources requiring a single consolidation point. Even shipments from a single manufacturer may contain products with varying lead times, requiring warehousing of the shorter lead time items. Overseas Brokers offers consolidation and warehousing solutions in all gateway port and airport cities.

Ocean and air containers are professionally loaded and braced directly at the consolidating warehouse. This increases safety by eliminating handling of smaller shipments at multiple hubs and reduces freight costs by consolidating smaller shipments with other goods into larger containers.

By consolidating products according to regional origin points, while taking into account the optimal routing to the final destination, your shipments are routed in the most cost effective manner. Whether you are exporting or importing, your products are consolidated at regional warehouses in North America, Central or South America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia. For exports from the US, shipments destined for most of Asia, Australia and the Pacific Rim are typically consolidated in Los Angeles. Shipments to the Caribbean, Central and South America are consolidated in Miami or Houston. Eastbound traffic to Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa are usually consolidated in New Jersey. For exports from Europe we offer consolidation in Rotterdam, London, Milan, Genoa and other gateway cities. Exports from Asia are consolidated in Hong Kong, mainland Chinese gateways, Singapore and a variety of Pacific Rim cities.

For shipments destined to multiple destinations in the same region we utilize regional distribution centers. By consolidating products from multiple origin points in one country or region into a single shipment, destined to multiple destinations in another country or region, you benefit from reduced freight costs and greater efficiencies compared to individual door to door shipments.

consolidation1 Overseas Brokers provides tracking of products received for shipment when freight is entered into inventory systems at our consolidating warehouses. Every shipment received is documented with warehouse receipts attached to copies of packing lists and signed bills of lading that come with each shipment. All pieces received are counted, inventoried and examined for signs of damage. Shortages or damages are noted as exceptions on the delivering carrier’s bill of lading. Photos are taken documenting the condition of any shipments received with damage to the packaging, in order to protect the client’s right to make a claim against the delivering carrier. Once the shipment is complete and ready to ship, the client releases the goods for shipment by listing the warehouse lot numbers to include in any given shipment.

Climate controlled warehousing is offered for fine arts, electronics and other goods that are sensitive to extreme temperature changes and humidity.