Oil & Gas Exploration Equipment Shipping

We offer global freight and logistics services for suppliers and project managers in the oil and gas industry. The global increase in shale oil and gas exploration and extraction has created challenges in transporting O&G drilling equipment, pipes, casing, well pads, well heads, road construction equipment, pump trucks, storage tanks and fracture materials to drilling sites with limited access.

We are a third party logistics provider (3PL) specialized in global project cargo. By contracting the services of a third party logistics specialist rather than a traditional asset based carrier, you expand your selection of industrial carriers, benefit from global rate competition and increased capacity as well as worldwide coverage through the full range of specialized carriers for every region.

OIL AND GAS body of page credit IAPHCentralize your freight decisions by hiring us to find the most cost effective routing and maximum capacity to any destination through the full range of available carriers. Centralizing transportation management in the hands of seasoned transportation professionals, yields the greatest cost savings, reduces overspending and downtime, and allows the client to focus on their core business rather than wasting time researching freight options and going through a learning curve for every transportation challenge.

In today’s competitive environment, transportation cost overruns due to time constraints, lack of access to the full range of transportation options available in the global market, and a lack of transportation expertise among operators and project managers are a pitfall every O&G project must avoid in order to survive. The choices are either to develop your own in-house freight and logistics expertise or outsource transportation services to third party logistics providers who maintain ongoing relationships with all qualified industrial carriers and know the market well enough to leverage that knowledge to secure the most cost effective and efficient transportation solutions.