Hospitality Goods Shipping

Global freight and logistics management for FF&E (furniture, fixtures & equipment) is our core business.

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We have handled thousands of shipments and installation projects for hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals, healthcare facilities, office towers, retail complexes, and luxury housing projects. We offer one stop shopping for project management, warehousing, packing, international freight, insurance, customs processing, delivery, installation, and post installation services anywhere in the world.


Our menu of freight, logistics and project management services includes:

  • Freight consolidation and warehousing: Freight is consolidated from multiple vendors at regional warehouses near every gateway port worldwide. Whether your project requires export of products from the US to any global destination, or import of products from Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, Mexico or South America, to any US or 3rd country destination, we tailor a customized solution for consolidation, warehousing and shipment for any international origin and destination.
  • Inventory management: Freight received is inspected for accuracy and damages. Inventory is documented and updated so that purchasing managers can compare with manufacturer and vendor acknowledgments and keep track of all products consolidated for a specific project.
  • Packing, crating and containerization: Factory packing is inspected for safe international transport. Products requiring additional packing and crating are highlighted for the project manager. Packing recommendations are made along with tips for making cost effective packing and transport decisions. Packing and crating costs are quoted. Expert packing and containerization services are provided at the consolidating warehouse and then product is loaded and secured in containers.
  • Freight services: Shipping costs are quoted and services provided by ocean, air and land for optimal transit time, safety and cost effectiveness. Economies of scale are achieved through powerful relationships with all major carriers and global freight purchasing networks with increased buying power. The carriers are selected based on their ability to match the right combination of competitive pricing, transit time, reliability and direct services. Routing is selected to avoid exposure to the risks of double handling wherever possible.
  • Insurance and risk management: Complete insurance services are offered including risk management to minimize exposure to damage and losses through intelligent routing and loss prevention techniques, all risk door to door insurance coverage, and claim adjustment.
  • Customs brokerage:  Documents for customs are prepared in consultation with international trade and customs specialists to facilitate smooth customs clearance and prevent unnecessary delays at border crossings and ports of arrival. Duty and tax rates are quoted in advance and products are classified to take advantage of the lowest tariffs available for the commodities being imported.  
  • HOSPITALITY body of page 1Phased deliveries:  Every project involving multiple product types must be planned so that products are delivered in the right order to facilitate the work flow for placement and installation. This involves planning the required delivery sequence, coordinating delivery and installation schedules with electrical and IT contractors, movers, construction managers and project managers. Based on the phased delivery requirements, load planning at origin is sequenced accordingly. For projects involving multiple containers, deliveries are scheduled so that the sequence matches the project schedule, and containers are loaded intelligently with the discharge process and space constraints in mind.
  • FF&E installation: Installation services are provided by local installation crews managed by qualified foremen who often travel to international sites to manage the process and train local installers to service the products after initial installation is complete.
  • Post installation services:  Once the installation is completed our local logistics partners provide repair services, reconfiguration, storage, and in some cases warranty services.
  • Project Management:  A project manager is assigned to each project to liaise with the client project manager and all parties involved in planning and executing the entire logistical process. Our project management spans the entire process from the initial planning phases, through vendor coordination, product consolidation, packing, shipping, customs clearance, delivery, installation, punch list, risk management and insurance claim adjustment, returns and setting up post installation support.

Member of IFTLC (International Furniture Transportation and Logistics Council)