Aerospace Shipping

Overseas Brokers designs and implements global supply chain solutions for the aerospace industry. We believe that precision, advance planning, flexibility in the face of changing circumstances, prompt communication, real-time tracking and responsiveness are critical factors in supporting the aviation industry in keeping aircraft in the air and minimizing downtime for repairs. We approach every challenge by defining the client’s objectives, outlining the potential risks and pitfalls, and devising a supply chain solution that addresses the client’s needs and concerns within a realistic budget.

Drawing on a global network of tried and true logistics agents, we provide consolidation, warehousing, packing, custom crating, cradle design & construction, air/ocean/inland freight, customs clearance, delivery and insurance to any worldwide destination.

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Our aerospace services cater to the following industry needs:

  • AOG emergency parts shipments using dedicated trucks and vans,   next-flight-out as well as chartered aircraft of all types, and couriers for hand carried time-critical parts
  • Customized shipping solutions for oversize parts such as fuselage sections, wings, landing gear, engines, complex assemblies and any parts requiring special handling
  • JIT (just in time) inventory control
  • Tiered pricing for scheduled service levels at reduced costs for non-emergency shipments, expedited shipping for faster service at competitive rate levels relative to transit time, and time-critical services
  • Consolidation of BFE (buyer furnished equipment) for cost effective shipping of components from multiple vendors
  • Comprehensive freight and warehousing solutions for MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) services
  • Aviation event and competition shipping services including ATA carnet preparation for temporary import and re-export
  • Containerization of small aircraft and parts for ocean shipment

With over a quarter century of experience in time-critical freight forwarding and global logistics, we understand the needs of the industry and tailor our services to the needs of the various manufacturers, service providers and air carriers that make up the industry. Adding to this experience, our CEO is a licensed pilot and aviation enthusiast, which means he takes a special interest in the sector and holds us all to the highest standards!

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Boeing 767 simulators prepared for ocean shipment