Furniture Shipping

Overseas Brokers manages global freight and logistics services for furniture manufacturers, dealers, interior designers, real estate developers, architectural firms, purchasing agents for commercial facilities and residential projects, as well as private buyers. We offer global supply chain management for both export and import of furniture products, from factory through completion of installation, as well as reverse logistics for returns and warranty issues.

FURNITURE SHIPPING Body of page 1Transporting furniture around the world requires specialized experience in packing and handling furniture to prevent damages, as well as a global network of qualified furniture handlers. With over 25 years of experience in the furniture and international transportation industry, we are uniquely qualified to advise clients on streamlining their supply chain and executing global delivery and installation.

Our services include:

  • Project management
  • Freight consolidation from multiple vendors
  • Warehousing
  • Packing and crating
  • Ocean/air/inland freight to any worldwide destination
  • Letter of credit banking and customs document preparation
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery and installation
  • Unpacking and removal of debris
  • Assembly of KD furniture
  • Insurance
  • Domestic and overseas storage
  • Retouching
  • Warranty services
  • Reverse logistics

Select your industry sector below for more detailed information about our services for your industry:

manufacturer logistics services

Overseas Brokers provides end to end supply chain management for manufacturers of furniture. Some manufacturers make direct sales to end users, while others supply their products to dealers and distributors around the world. We service manufacturers as well dealers and the interior design community. Vendors can make direct sales to clients overseas, or via US dealers or designers, without having a local dealer or importer registration in the destination country. They use our service to ship internationally, clear customs, secure import permits and pay taxes on behalf of the end user, deliver and install. We quote pricing for all these services as well as the duty and taxes in advance. The vendor can quote and collect for delivered and installed product anywhere in the world including the duty and taxes.

Manufacturers are not required to distribute their products through a foreign dealer, nor do they need to a foreign dealer to act as importer in the destination country when using our fulfillment system. We offer turn-key services for the full process from factory through import and completion of installation. Our local installers perform warranty services as well, as long as the manufacturer covers the cost. Returned goods or warranty replacements are handled through the same fulfillment system.

We look forward to adding new manufacturers to the list of clients who outsource their global fulfillment system to us in lieu of establishing relationships with dealers in every market.

dealer logistics services

Overseas Brokers designs and implements customized logistics solutions for dealers and distributors of furniture who service international clients.  By coordinating our efforts during the bidding process, you can improve your chances of being awarded overseas projects. We will assist you in preparing your proposal to the buyer by informing you in advance of duties, taxes and import regulations as well as pricing shipping, delivery & installation and insurance. This enhances your credibility with the buyer by offering the expertise needed to provide a turn-key export package. By taking a proactive role during the sales process, we are able to give the buyer the confidence that the entire team can perform reliably in the destination country, even if neither the dealer nor the manufacturer has a local representative or experience in that country.

We also provide import services for products from Europe and Asia, from the factories direct to the installer’s warehouse or client site, including all import documentation and customs clearance.

We look forward to adding new dealers to the list of clients who outsource their global fulfillment operations to us rather than partnering and sharing profits with foreign dealers in every market.

interior designer logistics services

Interior designers typically order furniture, lighting, carpeting and other products for their clients from multiple sources and manufacturers. Overseas Brokers consolidates products by region and arranges for cost effective import or export shipping by grouping multiple products from any region, whether in the US, Europe or Asia, at designated regional consolidation warehouses. We provide packing, inland, ocean and air freight services, customs clearance, delivery & installation, and post installation services.

We look forward to adding additional interior designers to the list of clients who use our services to consolidate global supply of the products they source for their clients. Greater savings and control are achieved by consolidating this process through our 3PL (third party logistics) services, compared to relying on each vendor to ship and deliver each product separately.

buyer logistics services

Private and commercial buyers often make direct purchases of furniture and other products ex-factory and prefer to maintain control of the costs and logistics of international shipping, delivery and installation.  Overseas Brokers consolidates and manages the shipping, customs formalities and delivery process for all products for commercial and residential spaces including furniture, lighting, carpeting, art work, commercial fixtures, household items, china, linens, etc. By managing this process directly through Overseas Brokers, the end-user achieves greater savings and efficiency in coordinating import or export, delivery and installation of all elements required to fit out  homes, restaurants, hotels, schools, commercial spaces and other facilities.

international project management for developers and architectural firms

International project management requires a great deal of attention to detail to coordinate shipment of products from multiple vendors from factory or port of departure through completion of installation. In addition to furniture and related products for commercial and residential spaces, we ship construction materials, building supplies, and all products for commercial facility and residential projects worldwide. Overseas Brokers will make a local representative available in the foreign country during the bid process and throughout project meetings after the job is awarded. We provide product inventory documentation while freight is being delivered to the consolidating warehouse at port of departure, as well as management of overseas shipment, customs clearance, delivery & installation, insurance and warranty services, storage and post installation work after project completion, all under one roof. Centralized project management enhances efficiency and maintains accountability by keeping all these functions under the responsibility of a single project manager.


Commercial and residential relocation requires expertise in furniture de-installation and re-installation, shipping, customs requirements, and packing and moving services from existing facilities. As a member of IFTLC (International Furniture Transportation and Logistics Council), IAM (International Association of Movers), and as an NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier), Overseas Brokers combines all the experience and expertise needed to ensure a smooth relocation process. In addition to knocking down, shipping and re-installing furniture and other products anywhere in the world, we also provide packing and transport of contents such as archives, files, records, computers, art work, signage, retail fixtures, appliances, household goods and personal effects.

Following are more details about the steps involved and the scope of our services:

  • Freight forwarding including air, ocean and overseas surface transport
  • Advance information and fulfillment of special requirements for import into each country such as import licenses, SGS inspection and consular legalization wherever required
  • International project management from port of departure through completion of installation. Overseas Brokers manages the process of overseas site surveys, attendance at site meetings, critical dimensions, inventory control during consolidation, coordination of international shipments, customs clearance, delivery and installation, door to door insurance, warranty repairs, storage and reconfiguration
  • Pricing duties and all applicable taxes, quoting shipping and installation costs, preparing documents for customs and executing shipment, delivery and installation
  • Letter of credit banking. L/C review, consultation, banking, and document preparation
  • Freight consolidation at all ports, with consolidation of product from manufacturers. The end user may utilize Overseas Brokers’ services for other products to be shipped for the project, such as carpeting, computers, kitchen equipment, office supplies, etc.
  • Customs brokerage worldwide
  • Foreign delivery and installation
  • Post-installation service including warranty repair or replacement of broken parts, storage and relocation services
  • Insurance from Door-Door, as well as claims processing


Member of IFTLC (International Furniture Transportation and Logistics Council).