Global Supply Chain Logistics

An effective supply chain must strike a balance between cost efficient freight management and optimal performance. Manufacturers need to ensure timely and cost effective inbound supply of raw materials and components to their factories as well as outbound delivery and installation of their products.

We manage global supply chain logistics for a variety of industries by custom designing supply chain solutions according to the needs of each industry. From negotiation and auditing of freight rates, management of inbound and outbound freight and logistics, warehousing, customs brokerage and import licensing, through delivery & installation, warranty services and reverse logistics, our supply chain solutions encompass the entire range of functions necessary to ensure accurate and cost effective fulfillment on a global scale.

In order to remain competitive in an increasingly borderless global economy, multi-national sourcing of materials and distribution of products requires manufacturers to manage their supply chains with sophisticated logistical and cost containment strategies. Choices must be made between developing in-house freight and logistics infrastructures as opposed to outsourcing these functions to supply chain logistics professionals. We form strategic alliances with manufacturers, so they can leverage our global supply chain expertise and networks while remaining focused on their core business of manufacturing and marketing products.

We manage shipments throughout the various supply chain processes to ensure safe arrival, on schedule, at the most competitive cost for the chosen mode of transport. We assist in selecting and interacting with the appropriate carriers, training and managing logistics partners and controlling costs by managing freight agreements, auditing and processing freight bills.

Our supply chain logistics services include the following functions:

  • Design and implementation of global supply chain logistics systems
  • Inbound and outbound route analysis including freight cost factors versus transit time and frequency of service
  • Freight rate negotiation and auditing
  • Consolidation of shipments
  • Warehousing, storage and inventory management
  • Pre-shipment preparation including packing, kitting, bundling, marking and inspection
  • Loading and bracing cargo on pallets, air and ocean containers, flat racks and trailers
  • Establishing and implementing international trade documentation procedures
  • Cargo insurance and risk management
  • Global forwarding of products by ocean, air and surface
  • Management of time-critical shipments
  • Customs brokerage
  • Duty and tax processing
  • Import permitting
  • Transport to distribution centers
  • Destination site preparation
  • Last mile delivery
  • Rigging
  • Installation
  • Warranty services
  • Claims management and processing
  • Reverse logistics