Sports Event Shipping

Shipping equipment and supplies for sports events is a logistical challenge, requiring strict adherence to schedules with no margin for error. In some cases the next destination after the event depends on the outcome of the event, in which case two different action plans are placed on standby, pending the outcome of the event.  Once the outcome becomes official, we spring into action with the appropriate logistics plan which has been carefully prepared well in advance for either outcome.

Whether you are managing the logistics of a professional team, setting up a remote feed for broadcasting an event, preparing your team for the Olympics, participating in an international sporting event, or traveling as an individual professional athlete between international events, we have your back. We prepare and execute meticulous logistics plans for the equipment needed for every type of sporting event while you focus on preparing your own performance.

We provide the following critical services and ensure adherence to official standards for international events:

  • Communication standards at the highest level. English speaking representatives in every country and logistical partners in each country capable of clarifying requirements in accordance with local regulations in the local language. Immediate acknowledgment of client requests and daily status updates. Accessibility 24/7.
  • Pre-event liaison is crucial for successful attendance and on-time arrival of equipment. Document requirements are clearly outlined with samples and clear instructions. ATA Carnets and letters of authority are prepared to cover every customs requirement. Any licensing requirements for both export and import are addressed well in advance.
  • Packing and marking requirements are clearly outlined. Packing services are offered in most worldwide locations.
  • Deadlines are outlined for various modes of transport with tiered pricing.
  • Regulations for restricted items are clearly defined in advance.
  • Insurance and bond requirements and limits are defined and insurance coverage and bonds are all offered under one roof.
  • Ocean freight, air freight, and inland freight arranged via single point of contact.
  • Dedicated aircraft and ground transport are offered where necessary.
  • Consultation services for optimal routing and mode of transport depending on origin/destination, time constraints, political factors, customs processing variations at different points of entry, direct service as opposed to transshipment options, dedicated vehicles and charter services as opposed to scheduled service.
  • Local agency support before, during and after the event for setup, storage, on-site support, post-event load-out, repacking and transport to next destination
  • Return shipment handling and settlement of accounts for any fees incurred such as duties, extra handling, storage, etc.

We custom tailor logistical solutions whether you are attending events requiring transport of team sports equipment, OB vans, EFD equipment, race cars, boats, aerobatic aircraft, motorcycles, bicycles, snowmobiles, jetskis, tennis gear, luges, telemetry equipment, promotional merchandise, hockey gear, uniforms, skis, snowboards, camera equipment, lighting, props, audio visual equipment, etc.