Alternative Energy Equipment Shipping

ALTERNATE ENERGY body of page 2Renewable power generation projects require experienced logistics partners to support their operations from the early planning phases, through construction, completion, maintenance and upgrading with new technology. Overseas Brokers arranges for heavy lift operations, multimodal international transport, customs clearance and inland delivery by trailer, rail and river barges where necessary. Clients are encouraged to contact us as early as the site planning phase in order to obtain feasibility studies for route selection as well as ports suited to handle oversize cargo. Decisions about site selection for wind farms for example, may be swayed by logistical access limitations for river barges or superload permit restrictions for transport of oversize components such as 130’ rotor blades, wind turbine tower sections, nacelles or other oversize components.

ALTERNATE ENERGY body of page credit IAPHOverseas Brokers offers import services for projects in North America utilizing imported equipment, as well as export services for US manufactured equipment and components for foreign power projects.

Our services include international transport and peripheral logistics services for the following type of alternative energy projects:

  • Wind farms
  • Solar power
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Biofuel power plants
  • Geothermal power stations

ALTERNATE ENERGY 2 body of pageLogistics planning for oversize equipment requires extensive preparations including site surveys, port selection, route planning, heavy lifting with crawler and all terrain cranes, superload permitting, and consideration of rail and river barge services for overheight, overweight and accessibility restrictions. Overseas Brokers will help you navigate through the entire supply chain process while taking into account all cost and safety factors. For example, transport over the road for the inland portion of an international transportation project for the alternative energy sector is far more expensive than transport by rail or river barge which have a lower carbon footprint while offering greater capacity in a shorter time frame. Although transport over the road is required for a portion of every international shipment, the higher cost and restrictions inherent in over the road transport can be minimized by proper port selection and use of rail and river barge where feasible. The growth in size and scope of wind turbines and related components as well as larger power generating equipment of various types create a transportation challenge. Overseas Brokers is equal to the task.