Racing Event Shipping

Global freight and logistics for motorsport teams transporting their gear to racing events requires a great deal of planning and attention to detail. We offer roundtrip transport of race cars, pit garage equipment, paddock hospitality units, telemetry equipment, motorcycles, aircraft, racing boats and other watercraft, snowmobiles, motor homes, and all types of parts including chassis, engines, tires, transmissions, cradles, masts, tools and complete parts kits.

Inland transport is handled by enclosed trailers customized for various types of racing as well as drop deck trailers for oversize loads. Air freight is handled via all cargo freighter aircraft and can be chartered for consecutive flyaway races. Ocean freight is handled by container and RO/RO (roll on/roll off) vessels dedicated for transporting wheeled cargo as well as oversize cargo such as aircraft and boats with beams and masts exceeding container dimensions.

We cater to racing events, motor shows, air shows, boat shows, photo shoots, auctions, exhibitions and rally events. We facilitate customs clearance in each country by use of an ATA Carnet which serves as an international passport for your cargo, enabling temporary import without paying duty or posting a costly import bond.

Case study:

Each racing event poses unique challenges. Our first ever racing project involved transporting all the equipment for the US national motocross team to the world championships in Jelenia Gora, Poland. We were contracted by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) to ship the team’s motorcycles, spare parts and tools from various points in the US to the mountains of southern Poland at a time when Poland was under communist rule. Transporting motorcycles and racing equipment into a remote region of communist Poland on a specified date, within a limited budget, was not an easy mission! We arranged for pickup of the motorcycles in various cities across the US, consolidated them at an east coast warehouse where they were containerized and delivered to port. Access to southern Poland was easier via Vienna, Austria than via the northern Poland port of Gdynia. Our Austrian logistics partner was well versed in handling special events into Poland and provided the local expertise needed to navigate through the various border crossings and logistical challenges. The containerized shipment was moved via a German port by rail to Vienna and from there over the road via Czechoslovakia to Poland. Border crossings were facilitated by an ATA Carnet which listed every motorcycle and spare part and was stamped by customs in each country, ensuring the full list of vehicles and parts would be re-exported after the race in order to eliminate any duty. Storage on site was provided in an ocean shipping container that was purchased specifically to store the gear for the team. Needless to say, the equipment had to arrive on the exact date specified by race organizers and had to be removed from the race site on the exact date and time specified. No easy task when transiting communist borders! After the event the whole process was repeated for the return journey. The shipment was a great success and the team was able to perform at the highest level, thanks to our strict adherence to the schedule and careful logistical planning, and of course the team members’ talent and extensive training!