Railroad Equipment Shipping


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShipping railroad equipment internationally requires a great deal of expertise in handling oversize equipment shipments. Most oversize equipment is shipped either on break bulk or RO/RO vessels which are equipped to handle cargo that is too large to fit in containers, or by flat rack container which is used for overwidth and overheight shipments. In some cases parts are dismantled to fit in containers and reduce the overall volume of oversize equipment to save on freight costs. This reduces the cost of transporting the oversize equipment by utilizing containers for attachments that would otherwise increase the volume of the oversize piece for transport. Lifting the equipment on and off trailers and on board the ocean vessel also presents challenges in determining how best to avoid damage during lifting operations.

Case study:

We were contracted by a manufacturer of streetcar trolleys to transport multiple trolleys from the US to a Caribbean island. Single deck trolleys were transported by flat rack container with an overhang after being secured and inspected by the National Cargo Bureau. Double deckers were too large to fit on flat racks and had to be moved on LO/LO break bulk vessels. We worked with the manufacturer’s engineers, the port operators and the ocean carriers to devise a safe means of lifting the trolleys. The manufacturer designed and fabricated special lifting bars which were installed in the trolleys for the purpose of international transport. While these lifting bars made vertical lifting possible without damage to the undercarriage, the trolleys still had to be stabilized during lifting to prevent the lifting cables from rubbing against the fiberglass roof trim which could easily be damaged by the cables. Working with the port operator and ocean carrier, we made special arrangements to lift each trolley with a crane using spreader bars. The trolleys were then placed onto a mafi trailer and secured to the trailer, so that the trolleys could be safely lifted and moved around the port for inspection by marine surveyors. The trolleys were then shrink wrapped on the mafi trailer and finally lifted from the trailer directly on board the vessel, without risking additional lifting operations within the port. All trolleys arrived safely and are currently in use at destination.

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