A room decorated with a colorful carpet and wicker sofas along with podcast microphones

WeWork Opens Media and Entertainment Shared Workspace in Hollywood

This facility takes WeWork’s concept of shared office facilities a step further, by providing shared recording studios and editing rooms for smaller tenants, who prefer not to make large investments in equipment and facilities. To learn more about the new concept in shared media workspaces visit The Hollywood Reporter.

(Photo by Elizabeth Daniels)

Shipping container loading dock

Ocean Freight Rates

Ocean freight rates are impacted by reversals in short and long term demand as a result of the trade wars. According to some analysts, container rates from China typically increase with demand before tariff increases take effect. Once the tariffs are in place, demand softens, creating downward pressure on freight rates. Read more from Freightwaves here.


An employee performs a quality check on a steel slab at a plant

Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

Steel and aluminum tariffs have been lifted on imports from Canada and Mexico to the US. In return, Canada has agreed to lift the retaliatory tariffs on import of certain products from the US. This move will bring welcome relief to many industries. Imports into Canada still require NAFTA documentation for customs. Once the USMCA is approved by all parties,  the requirements are likely to change.

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(Photo: An employee performs a quality check on a steel slab at a plant in Nanticoke, Ontario, Canada. Cole Burston/Bloomberg)