Air Freight

We custom design air cargo solutions for shipments that present challenges in terms of handling, oversize dimensions, urgency, restricted access to destination, limited routing options and other factors unique to each industry. Choose from a variety of air freight service levels from expedited to deferred service. We offer scheduled consolidations to major destinations as well as service via all scheduled and charter air carriers.

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Air shipments can be transported airport to airport, door to airport, airport to door, or door to door including pickup, packing, document preparation, air freight, customs clearance and delivery to final destination. Multimodal options are available for combined transport by air, sea, truck, rail and courier as needed based on schedule requirements and accessibility at origin and destination.

For the most urgent, time critical shipments, we can offer courier, helicopter and dedicated trucks/vans for pickup and/or delivery as extensions of our expedited air services.

Benefit from a wider range of air freight options by securing “Known Shipper” status allowing your cargo to travel by passenger aircraft rather than being limited to all cargo freighter aircraft for “Unknown Shippers”. Ask us about the TSA’s Known Shipper Program and learn what is required to qualify. This option is critical for repeat shippers transporting their products to market by air. Qualified shippers can benefit from lower rate levels, increased frequency of flights and additional air carrier options.

AIR FREIGHT body of page 3Airlines and air cargo carriers utilize a large variety of air containers for which packing requirements vary. Some air containers are contoured to match the aircraft’s fuselage shape and cargo door clearance. Packing for air freight is handled on a case to case basis depending on the weight, dimensions, product characteristics, method of pre-packing, airline restrictions and air container availability for each type of aircraft. We offer the following container and packing options:

  • Air containers including LD-2, LD-3, LD-7, LD-8, LD-11, M-1, Lower Deck Pallet, Upper Deck Pallet (other types are available but less common)
  • Heavy duty corrugated boxes such as D-containers and E-containers
  • Custom crating
  • Palletizing and shrink wrapping

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