Fine Arts & Antiques Shipping

Serving the fine arts and antiques community for over 25 years, Overseas Brokers provides superior quality crating and international freight services for auction houses, galleries, museums, dealers, collectors, corporate clients and foundations. Our scope includes packing, crating, international shipping, customs brokerage, insurance, ATA carnets, security, tarmac supervision, storage, rigging and installation of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, antiquities, furniture, video installations, photographs, archival material handling and all other types of fine art transportation services. We offer services to/from anywhere in the US to/from anywhere in the world. For origin and destination points outside our geographical region, we utilize a network of experienced and tested fine arts crating agents as well as customs brokers and fine art transportation companies.

FINE ART body of pageOur network of packing and crating specialists utilizes specialized materials suited for fine arts transportation such as Ethafoam, EPS (expanded polystyrene), Tyvek, Nomex, Instapak, Marvelseal lining, slat crates, anti vibration skids, shock absorption mechanisms, humidity control materials including desiccants, polyethylene wrap and VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor), thermal insulation, heat treated wood meeting ISPM-15 standards, floating crates, cushion crates with polyethylene or polyurethane foam beds, cavity mounts, webbing, strapping as well as bolted lids for reusable crates. We can also offer tilt indicators, impact indicators and temperature monitoring devices.

Installation is a fine art unto itself. We arrange for professional rigging, de-installation and re-installation of sculptures and multimedia works of art using experienced museum trained specialists.

FINE ART body of page (1)Works of art shipped to exhibitions, fairs, shows and biennials must be imported to the destination country on a temporary basis so that no duty will be assessed. Most countries honor the ATA carnet which is like a passport for cargo that is being imported for a limited period of time, just as a visa grants a foreign passport holder a limited permit for entry. The ATA carnet is a bonded guarantee to foreign customs services that the goods will be re-exported within the specified time frame. In order to satisfy the bond and complete the process, the goods must be returned to the country of origin and then the carnet and bond are terminated. We specialize in ATA carnet preparation and will assist the shipper in securing the necessary bond and documentation required. For those countries that do not accept the ATA carnet, our network of licensed customs brokers can arrange for temporary import bonds. Our customs brokers are well versed in complying with various international requirements such as CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), Washington Declaration, Lacey Act, fish and wildlife permits, and all other export and import controls.

Insurance is a critical element in transporting fine arts and antiques around the world. For those clients who do not maintain insurance coverage for international transport, we offer insurance via AXA, Lloyd’s of London and other specialized carriers. We can arrange for appraisals, insurance surveys, and risk management services.