Automotive Shipping


Global supply chain management for the automotive industry

We offer international air and ocean shipping services for all aspects of the automotive supply chain:

  • inbound parts for manufacturers
  • outbound parts for the service sector
  • consolidation and distribution centers on all continents
  • JIT fulfillment and inventory warehousing
  • reverse logistics
  • dealership fitout


Global transport of autos

  • AUTOMOTIVE body of page 2 credit IAPHexport and import of new vehicles
  • export of used vehicles
  • door to door delivery
  • exotic car shipping specialists
  • specialty vehicle handling
  • racing event shipping
  • ATA carnets for temporary imports
  • RO/RO shipping
  • container shipping
  • title validation with customs




For export of vehicles from the United States the following requirements must be met:

  • AUTOMOTIVE body of page1 credit IAPHFor new cars customs requires the original MSO be presented for validation at port of loading
  • For used cars customs requires the original title and 2 copies be presented for validation at port of loading. The title must be free of liens.  If the title still bears a lien, customs requires an original notarized letter from the lien holder authorizing export of the car. The letter must be on the lien holder’s letterhead and it must contain all the vehicle details and VIN. The exporter must also provide a DMV registration printout showing the lien holder.
  • Certain ports such as Los Angeles and Long Beach have additional requirements such as a duly completed and signed cover letter containing the vehicle, exporter and sailing details as well as an export declaration ITN/XTN reference number, normally filed and provided by the freight forwarder.
  • EIN number for US citizens or residents, or passport number for foreign citizens
  • Certain ports also require a POA authorizing the freight forwarder to ship the vehicle on behalf of the owner
  • Full details of the shipper in the US and the consignee overseas
  • The required documents and the vehicle must be presented to customs at least 3 business days before the scheduled sailing
  • For RO/RO shipments the car must be running and fully operational, contain no more than 1/8 of a tank of gas and it must be emptied of all personal items
  • For container shipments the battery must be disconnected and the terminals taped to prevent electrical shorts and the car should contain no more than 1/8 of a tank of gas

Contact us for guidance on how to obtain all the required information and documents.